Depicted here are tetrahedron structures multiplying by octaves: 1, 8, 64, 512 & 4096. The tetrahedron is the most fundamental geometric building block of the geometry of the fabric of the vacuum of space. Two polarized larger tetrahedrons creates a star tetrahedron comprised of 8 smaller tetrahedrons. Putting 8 star tetrahedrons together creates a 64 tetrahedron grid inside of which 2 octaves of cube octahedron are formed: a perfectly balanced geometry that Buckminster Fuller called the “vector equilibrium”.

The cube octahedron is the only 3D geometry that is equal and opposite in every possible way, where every line (vector) in the geometry are of equal length, including from the center of the geometry to the edges. Nassim Haramein theorizes that an infinite scalar fractal of perfectly stacked tetrahedral geometry is the very fabric of our existence as more and more tetrahedrons create fractal octaves of the perfectly balanced cube octahedron geometry.

At a total of 512 perfectly stacked tetrahedrons, 2 octaves of cube octahedron geometry are formed, at 4096 another octave and the pattern continues both infinitely bigger and infinitely smaller to create the perfectly balanced geometry of the space that exists on all scales everywhere in the universe.

The thing we call we call “empty space” has been proven to actually be completely full of energy. The perfectly balanced geometry of infinite scalar cube octahedron causes the infinite energy in space (the plenum, the aether, the zero point field, the quantum foam, the vacuum, the source field, space, god, love or whatever you want to call it), to seem to us to be totally empty nothingness because the energy is in a perfect state of balanced equilibrium on all scales. Nassim Haramein has coined this geometry as being the “holofractographic structure” of the universe.

A new era of our existence on this planet is emerging as we learn how to interact with the geometry of the vacuum and extract energy right from the structure of space itself. With this new understanding of our universe, an era of infinite abundance is on the horizon.

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